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Portable Storage Units for Proper Waste Management

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Save big bucks on movable storage containers and dumpster rentals when you choose Flannery's Drop Box Service, Inc. We offer a wide array of containers in various sizes to suit your residential or commercial needs.


In addition, Flannery's Drop Box Service, Inc. is easily accessible and always available to answer your questions. Please call us at (503) 669-8002, as we accept calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Demo & Remove

In addition to storage and dumpster containers, Flannery's Drop Box Service, Inc. of Troutdale, Oregon, is proud to offer convenient demolition services and concrete removals at great prices.

Who We Are

Dispose of garbage or recyclables or store items with ease. Simply turn to Flannery's Drop Box Service, Inc. of Troutdale, Oregon, to use our storage units or waste management receptacles. Established in 1977, we are proud to deliver the service you seek at a great price. Whether you need to remove scrap metal or need a locking container to dispose of asbestos, we have you covered. Two-container truck and trailer systems are also available for large or long-distance jobs.

Contact us to use our top-quality units for your residential or commercial waste management project.

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